How to disable SIP system integrity protection

How to disable SIP system integrity protection

How to disable SIP system integrity protection

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How to disable SIP system integrity protection


Many Mac users have reported that they cannot open after installing some software. It may be that theintegrity of the SIP system has not been closed.

Let’s take a look at how to turn off sip system integrity.

System Integrity Protection is a security technology adopted by OS X El Capitan andlater, which can help prevent potential malware from modifying protected files and folders on yourMac. System integrity protection can restrict the root user account and the operations that the rootuser can complete in the protected part of the Mac operating system.

The above is the official introduction, which is a bit scary. `Let’s put it another way, SIP is similar towindows firewall and Android phone Root. This should solve many people’s confusion.

The software in the Apple App Store runs in a sandbox and cannot access system files, so most of the software iscastrated. Many excellent softwares are not on the Apple Store because they require SIP system permissions.Apple does not review. Some software adopts dual versions, divided into official version and App Store version.App Store is a simple and simple version, and the full-featured version needs to be downloaded separately.

By default, macOS only allows software downloaded through the Apple App Store to run.

If you want to install third-party applications on macOS, you need to enable the option to allow App Store andapproved developers in `System Preferences» Security and Privacy» General

If you want to install a third-party unsigned application on macOS, you need to execute the command linesudo spctl --master-disable in the terminal to enable any source option. InSystem Preferences> Security and Privacy> General, this option is not available by default.

If you want to install some decompiled and cracked applications on macOS, you need to turn off SIP.

From the above, everyone should be able to see that Apple is working hard for everyone’s safety, but is it reallyjust what everyone sees?

If you want to install software from any source, you need to open the terminal and enter commands. If you want toclose SIP, you need to shut down to operate (in the early macOS system, you don’t need to shut down). Why is itmore and more troublesome?

It is put on the Apple App Store, and every time it is sold, Apple takes 1/3. For example, if your software sellsfor $100 , Apple takes $33.33.

The so-called approved developer is to go to Apple to buy a developer account, and then use the developer accountto sign the application.

Purchasing Apple’s developer account, personally 99 US dollars per year. The enterprise is 299 US dollars peryear.

Stop talking nonsense, let’s get to the point.

At present, the latest 10.15.x system using cracked software basically needs to close SIP to open it, even if itis genuine software, there are a lot of apps that need to be closed SIPs, which needs to be closed permanently!

Don't ask questions like [Can I open Sip again after it is off?].

After reading the above instructions, if you still don’t worry about opening the system permissions, you have thefollowing options, I will never close SIP, I don’t want to use this software!

Check status

Before closing the SIP system integrity, we first check whether the SIP system integrity protection is enabled.

Open the terminal and enter the following command and press Enter:

csrutil status

You will see one of the following messages, indicating SIP status

enabled is not closed:

System Integrity Protection status: enabled.


System Integrity Protection status: disabled

If it is not closed, you need to close SIP!

Shut Down

  1. Shut down and restart your Mac, keep pressing Command+R while booting to enterRecovery Mode.

  2. Open the terminal after entering Recovery mode, as shown in the figure:

  1. Enter the command csrutil disable on the terminal and press Enter.

The terminal prompt:Successfully disabled System Integrity Protection. Please restart the machine for changes to take effect. indicating that you have successfully turned off SIP protection.

  1. Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner, and then click Restart, you can use the applicationdownloaded from the website normally.

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