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 2020-03-14 2 minutes to read

As a programmer, your visit to Github is a daily must-have project. You will click to see the projects you are interested in. Github ’s world ’s largest “same-sex dating platform” has a large number of open-source code libraries. As an open-source code management platform, Github Is very professional.

However, if you look at the code above, it is not so comfortable, especially it is very inconvenient to click into each folder to browse files, and switching between large project files is sometimes very slow and inconvenient.

I recommend this Google Chrome plug-in that I use. After installation, let you browse the Github project source code online, find references and definitions, and experience the silky smoothness as if you were looking at the code in the IDE.


Enter Google App Store Search Sourcegraph to download and install the plugin, as shown below


Click on the first result to add it to Chrome and use it in your project




Open any project on Github and click the Sourcegraph icon above the project to enter the code browsing interface.


The left side of the code browsing interface is the code directory structure. Just like the general IDE project view, you can easily view files in various folders, instead of going back and forth as in github, watching the webpage loading progress daze.


Click the corresponding function with the mouse, and the option box that appears can choose to jump to the definition


You can also choose to find all references

Above, share this easy-to-use plug-in to everyone, enjoy playing on github!

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