Search and Replace Outer Tag in Atom Using Regex

 2020-03-19 One minute to read

Using Atom, I’m trying to replace the outer tag structure for multiple different texts within a document. Also using REGEX, which I’m not versed enough to come up with my own solution

HTML to be searched <span class="klass">Any text string</span>

Replace it with <code>Any text string</code>

My REGEX (<?span class="klass">)+[\w]+(<?/span>)

Is there a wildcard to “keep” the [\w] part into the replaced result?



You can use a capture group to capture the text in between the <span> tags during the match, and then use it to build the <code> output you want. Try the following find and replace:


<span class="klass">(.*?)</span>



Here $1 represents the quantity (.*?) which we captured in the search. One other point, we use .*? when capturing between tags as opposed to just .* . The former .*? is a “lazy” or tempered dot. This tells the engine to stop matching upon hitting the first closing </span> tag. Without this, the match would be greedy and would consume as much as possible, ending only with the final </span> tag in your text.

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