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 2020-03-17 3 minutes to read

Yoink simplifies and improves drag & drop between windows, applications, spaces and full – screen applications by providing a “shelf” for temporary files and application content.

Liberate your mouse, allowing you to navigate more comfortably to the destination of your files.

When you start dragging files in the Finder or the contents of an application, Yoink vanishes at the edge of the screen, allowing you to drag.

While Yoink keeps your files for you, you can navigate more easily and comfortably to the destination of your files without having to hold down the mouse button all the time.

Summary of the main features of Yoink:

– A “shelf” on the edge of the screen to files and application content you’d like to move or copy, which behaves like Finder (relative to move and copy)

– Yoink follows you everywhere: windows, spaces and applications (full screen)

– icons are created using QuickLook, which allows easy identification

– Several dragged into Yoink files simultaneously condense into a stack, making it easy to drag.

– System Services, extensions and Share Quick action can store files in Yoink without using drag and drop

– Transfer to transfer files between all Mac, iPad and iPhone in which you are using Yoink.

– Clipboard history, allowing you to store Yoink previously copied content or copy again

– Highly customizable: you decide where, when and if it appears Yoink.

– “Share” and from Yoink

This is what customers say about Yoink:

“Essential One of the few applications that use it all the time.”. – Kraznoff, US App Store

“Simple, elegant, perfect This is a fantastic works perfectly.”. – Benwiggy, UK App Store

“The most practical utility that I bought.” – Nrgwise, US App Store

This is what members say press on Yoink:

“Yoink is an excellent utility” – John Gruber, DaringFireball.net

“Yoink is a fantastic way to improve drag and drop. Highly recommended.” – Federico Viticci, MacStories.net

“Yoink is an incredible drag and drop utility for Mac and it is essential for me when working with full – screen applications.” – Jeff Benjamin, iDownloadBlog

“I love this little utility, is one of the few who have found that authorities had spent on my Mac.” – James Dempsey, the Mac graphic

Some features may require a newer version of MacOS, or Yoink application available for iOS separately:

The transfer Mac to Mac requires macOS El Capitan 10.11 or later on both Macs

Transfer to / from iPad or iPhone requires iOS app Yoink available separately

The camera requires fast action and continuity macOS Mojave 10.14





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3.5.7 2020-02-03 UsersCloud ClicknUpload Mega CuteDrive
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