Timer Utility 5 1.0.1 Crack

 2020-06-17 One minute to read

Timer Utility 5 is an all-in-one timing tool that brings alarms, timers, and stopwatches to your Mac. We take it one mega step further with actions to create powerful workflows customized to your liking.


Alarms – Set a time, choose which day or days of the week, and you’re all set. Create as many alarms as you’d like to suit your needs. It’s that simple.

Timers – Creating timers is easy and intuitive. You can create and link other timers together to create workflows or customized timing sequences.

Stopwatches – Creating high-precision stopwatches is fast and easy. Select the desired accuracy or precision setting to suit your needs. You can create multiple concurrent stopwatches without sacrificing performance or system resources.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit

Homepage: https://www.lumenbyte.com



Timer Utility


DMG open password: minorpatch.com



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1.0.1 2020-06-17 UsersCloud ClicknUpload FileFactory CuteDrive
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