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Automate your time-tracking based on your activities on the Mac. Timemator lets you fully automate your time-tracking based on your activities on the Mac. Just tell Timemator what files, applications or websites you use for your work and it will start the timer for you. Automatically!

See all your relevant tracked data at the glance in one place. With the new daily view, you can easily review and edit your recent sessions on the timeline just like in the Calendar app.

Compare your tracked time on a beautiful chart. Sessions can be grouped by day or month.

You can review every single tracking session, filter them by date or task, edit or add new ones.

Timemator knows when you design in your favorite layout app, have your project files open, search for inspiration or have a meeting with your client.

Timemator knows when you code in your favorite IDE or text-editor, have your project files open, search for references on Stackoverflow or join a scrum meeting.

Timemator is a great citizen in our daily workflow. Once configured, it will track your working time in the background. You will always have an overview of tracked hours and earned revenue for every single day, week or month.



Traditional timer

Flexible tasks structure

Quick access from the menu bar

Track billable hours and your revenue

Powerful reports

Works completely offline

Respects your privacy. No data is sent anywhere.

Native Mac-app

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit

Homepage: https://timemator.com





DMG open password: minorpatch.com



Version Updated Download Links
2.1.0 2020-02-05 UsersCloud ClicknUpload Mega CuteDrive