Recompress 20.6 Crack

 2020-07-22 One minute to read

Recompress is a powerful PDF recompression utility which can decrease the size of your existing PDF files for archiving or sharing on the Web or via email. It analyzes the PDF file and determines which objects can be further compressed to save storage space. By the various analysis and recovery steps performed by re/compress, it is often possible to recover many common types of issues, errors, or otherwise corrupted files. Saving corrected files with re/compress provides improved compatibility for more strict applications which lack such error-recovery measures.

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor






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20.6 2020-07-22 UsersCloud ClicknUpload FileFactory CuteDrive
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20.3 2020-05-20 UsersCloud ClicknUpload FileFactory CuteDrive
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