File List Export 2.4.3 Crack

 2020-07-01 2 minutes to read

File List Export An easy to use application that will help you create a list of files for any need. List all your photos, all your videos or all your files. If you need to create a list of files this app is for you.

If you need to create a list of files this app is for you. New version with 26 more metadata columns and export to CVS file! Just select a folder and get a list with all files and folders to Excel or to a CVS file. You can choose if you want to include the files from all subfolders.

Preview and edit the list before export to file. Easily search and filter the file list records.

You can select a specific kind of file to list. For example, you can choose to export to Excel a list with all the audio files of your iTunes Music folder or all the pdf files from your Documents folder.

For every file you can get this info:

  1. Filename

  2. Date modified

  3. Date created

  4. Kind

  5. Size

  6. Path (the location of the file)


  8. Tags

  9. Version

  10. Pages

  11. Authors/Artist

  12. Title

  13. Album

  14. Track NO

  15. Genre

  16. Year

  17. Duration

  18. Audio BitRate

  19. Audio Encoding Application

  20. Audio Sample Rate

  21. Audio Channels

  22. Dimensions

  23. Pixel Width

  24. Pixel Height

  25. Total Pixels

  26. Height DPI

  27. Width DPI

  28. Color Space

  29. Color Profile

  30. Alpha Channel:

  31. Creator

  32. Video Bit Rate

  33. Total Bit Rate

  34. Codecs

  35. md5

  36. sha256

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor




File List Export


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2.4.32020-07-01UsersCloud ClicknUpload FileFactory CuteDrive
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VersionUpdatedDownload Links
2.4.22020-05-30UsersCloud ClicknUpload FileFactory CuteDrive
2.4.12020-05-20UsersCloud ClicknUpload FileFactory CuteDrive
2.4.02020-02-07UsersCloud ClicknUpload Mega CuteDrive
2.3.02020-02-03UsersCloud ClicknUpload Mega CuteDrive
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