DSync 2.7 Crack

DSync 2.7 Crack

DSync allows you to easily compare and synchronize two folders on your computer.

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DSync 2.7 Crack
DSync 2.7 Crack
DSync 2.7 Crack

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DSync allows you to easily compare and synchronize two folders on your computer.
Three steps is all it takes for DSync to synchronize your files. Select the folders, compare them, synchronize them.
Can it really be that easy? Sure it can.
After spending years trying to use tools that are too complicated, create hidden files or just too limited, we’ve developed DSync - the easiest way to synchronize files on Mac.
With the advanced algorithms in the latest version of DSync, synchronizing large folders with many files won’t be a problem. You can even fine-tune your synchronization by skipping, deleting of reversing the copy direction of the files you choose to.
Easy to use interface 3-step user interface
Compare folders
Search ability with real-time results
Results filtering
Ability to compare massive amount of files
Fast scanning performance and low memory usage
Traverse sub-folders option
Compare File Sizes
Compare File Contents, based on file CRC checksum
Asymmetric synchronization option
Manual per-file synchronization option
Swap folders ability
Can Delete Files option to prevent accidental deletion of files
Fast synchronization
Progressbar to see exact progress when comparing and when synchronizing
Shows folder contents including name, size and date for each item
Ability to override synchronization direction
Fine-grained selection of synchronization procedures
Support for iCloud, DropBox and Google Drive
QuickLook support
Print ability
Fullscreen support
On-screen tutorial
Compatibility: macOS 10.9 or later

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