desktopCinema 3.30 Crack

desktopCinema 3.30 Crack

desktopCinema is playing your favorite movie as your wallpaper

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desktopCinema 3.30 Crack
desktopCinema 3.30 Crack
desktopCinema 3.30 Crack

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desktopCinema is playing your favorite movie as your wallpaper!
And one click of paste playing your YouTube and URL streaming video embedded or non-embedded!
Because you are a genius and chose to work on a Mac, you probably multi-task at working and playing at the same time. That’s why we designed desktopCinema for you!
desktopCinema allows you to play videos on your desktop whether it is stored on your hard drive or streamed from the Internet. Your video replaces your desktop picture/wallpaper, so working and watching at the same time has never been easier. Our clean and simple controls let you easily pause and mute video or audio from the menu bar.
desktopCinema is not limited to just movies, it also supports local video files! Display those beautify animated wallpapers or watch your favorite blockbuster while you work—and if the boss shows up, freeze and hide that movie with a simple “Pause Me” click.
desktopCinema, full-screen wallpapers to watch and work on!
What’s new
v3.01 -> v3.30
Any Mac (Apple Silicon, Intel) version for macOS Big Sur
interface fine-tuning for dark mode
control interface modified
change default vertical margin to 40 for retina display
bug fixed: global hot-key saving
support menu modified
tip of auto-open-at-login added
alert for YouTube paste added
all deprecated functions rewritten
Compatibility: OS X 10.15 or later, 64-bit processor
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