Cleanup My System 1.13 Crack

Cleanup My System 1.13 Crack

Cleanup My System : Speed up your Mac & improve its performance

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Cleanup My System 1.13 Crack
Cleanup My System 1.13 Crack
Cleanup My System 1.13 Crack

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Cleanup My System : Speed up your Mac & improve its performance
Restore system speed, improve productivity, free up storage space & get the best performance from your Mac.
Struggling with a slow and sluggish Mac performance? Cleanup My System is the best way to make the Mac run faster. Using this professional tuneup tool you can easily find and remove junk files, unwanted mail attachments, large & old files, and more in one click.
Easy Uninstallation
Deletes all corresponding files without leaving any leftovers
Helps recover storage space
Boosts startup time
Simple User Interface
Prevents important apps from being accidentally uninstalled
Scanned results are displayed in categories making reviewing them easy
Trying to figure out why Mac machines run slow & their performance decline? Well, there are several reasons for this. With Smart Cleanup in a single click, tune-up your Mac and make it run faster.
Clear cookies, browsing history, download history, and other data stored on the browser, to maintain your online privacy & protect yourself from being a victim to cyber-attacks, data breach, etc.
To manage installed applications and completely remove unwanted software, Cleanup My System provides an intelligently designed Uninstaller. Using it you can easily get rid of bad apps and make their corresponding files go away without leaving any leftovers.
Freeing up disk space when you get a Startup Disk Almost Full message can be difficult, especially when you have hundreds and thousands of files. Using the Large Files module provided by Cleanup My System you can identify large & old files taking unnecessary space.
Certain applications launch every time you start your Mac, without your permission. This excellent tool shows you startup items allowing you to remove them as per your preference.
When surfing the web, one leaves digital footprints behind. This information discloses a lot about us and our browsing habits. Nasty people can use this information to hack into our online accounts. Using the Identity module, you can delete and secure this information.
Version 1.13
Scan Engine Improvements
Faster Speed
Bug Fixes
Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later
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