batchSAVE 2.05 Crack

batchSAVE 2.05 Crack

batchSAVE will copy, sort, organize and save your files into tree structure folders according to the file's creation date or last modification date.

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batchSAVE 2.05 Crack

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batchSAVE will copy, sort, organize and save your files into tree structure folders according to the file’s creation date or last modification date.
It is really a smart tool for organizing the collection of your data files, photos, spreadsheet, and documents.
Hundreds of thousands of pictures will be automatically copied to the exact folder of the correct year, month, and day with just a few clicks.
Organize your files and pictures into Tree Structure within a few seconds!
COPY files only, will not harm your original collections;
Automatic overwriting protection, never worry about files in the SAME NAME;
Can handle ANY kind of files in any file extension;
Automatic structure of the directories according to either file creation date or modification date;
Beep after each file processing;
Total files processed can be read out in real-time;
Never worry about overwriting, if it happens, your photos/ files in the same name will be processed like “my lover(2)”, “my lover(3)"…
If you find some files were sorted to the folder of the year 1900 around after processing, that means the file had lost the information of its creation date before by some reason, please point to that 1900 year folder and process the folder again with “File’s last modification date” checkbox selected. It will not only be organized to the correct folder but also be “repaired”.
Please move all your files together to the source folder, batchSAVE will NOT go deep into subfolders. As the processing speed is tremendous fast, actually you can repeat the processing for each subfolder manually instead of moving files to a single folder in advance.
What’s New:
Version v2.02
Any Mac (Apple Silicon, Intel) version for macOS Big Sur
interface fine-tuning for dark mode
support menu updated
fix background issue on dark mode
interface cover and file counter removed as the processing speed is too fast
progress indicator added
app version added
all deprecated functions rewritten
Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later

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