ArchCommander 2.4 Crack

ArchCommander 2.4 Crack

ArchCommander is a tool that helps you manage your archive files

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ArchCommander 2.4 Crack
ArchCommander 2.4 Crack
ArchCommander 2.4 Crack

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Do you really need to unpack the entire archive when you need to see a single file or just browse its content? Not with the ArchCommander app…
ArchCommander is a tool that helps you manage your archive files.
It allows you to perform many operations without unpacking the entire archive file. That includes:
browsing files and folders
viewing files from archives in Quick Look
opening and editing files from archives in other applications
searching for files in archives
And of course, you can unpack selected files or everything, and create brand new archives as well as adding or removing files from existing archives (if they support modification).
Unpacking and create archives is also possible directly from the Finder - just select the files and use the context menu to select the operation.
The archives can be encrypted and protected with a password.
If you have an archive file created on an operating system that does not use Unicode you can open it in ArchCommander and select the right characters encoding for file names (available for arj, lha/lzh, zip, rar and tar archives).
ArchCommander delivers its Quick Look plugin that allows you to display archive files content directly from the Finder - just hit a space bar.
ArchCommander supports the following archive formats for read-write (browse, unpack, create, modify) :
tar (excluding files/folders removal)
You can also create, but not modify, the following archives:
The following archive formats are supported for read-only (browse, unpack):
rar, arj, lha, lzh, iso, xar, cpio, rpm, cab, z, lzma
vdi, vmdk, vhd, msi, hfs, fat, sfs, chm
What’s New:
Version 1.7
Support for making Wim archives
Native support for Apple Silicon
Support for macOS 11 (Big Sur)
Compatibility: macOS 10.19 or later

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